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Andrea Nicchi


March 2024
The Complete Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT Course - Udemy

November 2022
Introduction to Statistics at Stanford University

January 2012
Advanced Computer Security Professional at School of Engineering of Stanford University
Securing Web Applications, Emerging Threads & Defences, Writing Secure Code, Using Cryptography Correctly, Security Protocols, Web Security 2.0., Mobile Security.

October 2010
Master Degree in Information Technology at University of Pisa (Italy)
Thesis on “Web Application Development Landscape: technologies and models”

June 1992
Administration and accounting at LUISS Business School

July 1989
Graduated in Computer Science at University of Pisa (Italy)
Thesis on “Operating Systems and Architectures for Computer Networks”


2022 University of Studies Guglielmo Marconi
Lesson on Medical Statistics

2005-2006 Lecturer at the Diplomatic Institute "Mario Toscano" in Rome – Italy
Lecturer on Net Structure and Telecommunication Systems, Characteristics and component of Telecommunication Systems Internetworking Protocol, Methodology and Technology on project and development of software and data base, Object Oriented Programming (C, C++, Java), Web Technology, Systems for Software and Data protection, Systems for Communication Protection: the infrastructure of private and public key, the electronic firm and the time stamp.
Lecturer on e-Government, e-Administration, e-Governance and e-Europe;

Lecturer on Client-Server Architecture

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To my dear friend Luca Attanasio

Un forte abbraccio !

17 febbraio 2022

In ricordo dell'On. Franco Frattini.

Mi piace ricordare questa frase che disse quando ebbi l'onore di incontrarlo e dialogare con lui della sua passione per le macchine e del piu e del meno.

"Quando l'America non era ancora stata scoperta da Cristoforo Colombo, Giotto dipingeva la cappella degli Scrovegni"

26 dicembre 2022

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